Black Track's I'm Ici


(Donatrix Hyvä Suomi x  Donatrix Noctuelle-Peche)


born:  25.11.2004



Eyetested clear  2005, 2007

Full dentition, scissors bite


Like several of my dogs, Ici came into my life by co-incidence in spring -2005. He is born in Sweden and has been a real bouncer all his life. He is called "The flying black" or "Turbonegro" as he is hardly ever standing still or has all 4 feet on the ground at the same time. We have trained a little agility but mostly at home and for fun. For some reason that I don't know, Ici was hardly shown in Norway for a period of almost 4 years, but now he is back . Ici is the sire of my Magi and Izzy.




03.11.2013 INT Herning, DK Norman Desschuymere, Belgium VET: 1Exc
01.06.2013 INT Neumünster, DE Freddie Klindrup, Denmark CH: 1V, anw, CAC, CACIB, BOS
04.11.2012 INT Herning. Nordic Winner -12, DK Beata Petkevica, Latvia CH: 1Exc, CACIB, BOS + Nordic Winner-12
03.11.2012 INT Herning DK-Winner - 12, DK Jochen Eberhardt, Germany CH: 1Exc, res.CACIB, 2BM
28.10.2012 INT Hannover, DE Alfred Klapproth, Germany CH: 3V
05.08.2012 NAT Bremen, DE Igor Selimovic, Croatia CH: 1V, anw, CAC, 2BM
04.08.2012 INT Bremen, DE Hans-Joachim Dux, DE CH: 1V, anw, CAC, CACIB, BOB
02.06.2012 INT  Neumünster, DE Meike Krug, Germany CH: 1V, anw, CAC, CACIB, BOS
19.05.2012 HOHK Manuel Loureiro Borges, Portugal CH: 1Exc, BOB, BIG4
25.02.2012 NHHK Nils Molin, Sweden CH: 1Exc, BOB
08.01.2012 INT Gothenburg Orietta Zilli, Italy CH: 1Exc, CACIB, BOS
07.01.2012 INT Gothenburg Åke Cronander, Sweden CH: 1Exc, CACIB, BOB + INTCH pending FCI
06.11.2011 INT Herning DK Barbara Müller, Switzerland CH: 1Exc, res.CACIB
05.11.2011 INT Herning DK Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland CH: 1Exc, res.CAC, 3BM
10.09.2011 INT Stavanger Jochen Eberhardt, Germany CH: 1Exc, CACIB, BOS
15.07.2011 Tvaaker, SE Ewa de Wine, Belgium CH: 1Exc
19.03.2011 INT Malmoe, SE Roland Fors, Sweden CH: 1Exc, CACIB, BOB
15.08.2010 INT Vejen DK Marianne Baden, Denmark OC: 1Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB + DKCH
03.11.2007 INT Herning DK Yvonne Brink, Sweden CH: 1Exc
27.10.2007 NBHK Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway CH: 1Exc
10.03.2007 NHHK Geir Nordahl-Pedersen, Norway OC: 1Exc, CAC, BOS + NUCH
24.02.2007 INT Boe Carl-Gunnar Stafberg, Sweden OC: VG
30.09.2006 BSBK Seamus Oates, England YC: VG
12.08.2006 INT Oslo Neil Kay, ? YC: 1Exc, CAC, res.CACIB
31.03.2006 SBH Denmark Alice Christensen, Denmark OC: VG
19.02.2006 INT Odense DK Hans van den Berg, Netherlands YC: 2Exc
11.02.2006 OEVHK Steve Hall, England JC: 1Exc, HP
18.11.2005 INT Hamar Soile Bister, Finland JC: VG
05.11.2005 FSHK Kenneth Edh, Sweden JC: 1Exc, CAC, BOB
29.10.2005 NJSK Jeff Luscott, England JC: 1Exc, res.CAC, 2BM
11.09.2005 Specialty Stavanger Judith Cloutt, England JC: 1Exc, res.CAC.
10.09.2005 INT  Stavanger Miroslav Redlicki JC: 1Exc, CAC, 2BM


Donatrix Hyvä-Suomi (g)

Valkohampaan Onyx (g)

  Valkohampaan Devil (g)
  Hukanheimon Vesta (g)

  Donatrix Altesse (g)

  Dyadem de d'Artamas (g)
  Juliette van Lana's Hof (g)
Donatrix Noctuelle-Peche (g)
  Donatrix Don-Cato (g)
  Cato van Lana's Hof (g)
  Gibsy de la Draye du Loup (g)
  Taikurin Apricot (g)
  Nebukadnezar of the Two (g)
  Taikurin Nausiika (g)